​A truly inspiring woman, Ms Janet Koh was one of the recipients of the Healthcare Humanity Awards this year. With close to a decade's worth of experience caring for her mother, Janet shares these tips for fellow caregivers who are looking after loved ones with dementia.


  • Try to see things from their perspective — they may be experiencing a world that is different from someone who does not have dementia.
  • Focus on what they can do instead of what they cannot. Affirm them and find joy in small successes.
  • Focus on what they feel rather than what they remember. Respect and empathise with their emotions.
  • Make legal and financial plans early while they are still able to voice their opinions.
  • Be involved in caring and loving them so that they feel safe and comfortable.
  • Speak simply and be straightforward — use short sentences with one main point in each sentence.
  • Be organised and stay on top of daily chores — a build-up of chores can lead to additional stress. List down things to do and set realistic goals.
  • Bring them for outings by various organisations, e.g. Dementia Singapore (formerly known as Alzheimer’s Disease Association), so that they have social interaction with others.
  • Learn as much as you can about dementia — attend talks or take up courses whenever you can to keep yourself updated on the latest information about the disease.

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