Nurses provide professional and quality care to patients on a daily basis, and are essential to their recovery journey. Here in NHCS, many of our nurses go beyond the call of duty to provide additional support to our heart patients after witnessing the daunting financial, emotional and psychological difficulties that they face.

Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Teo Lee Wah is one of many nurses who feels privileged to be part of her patients’ journey, and making a difference in their lives with her skills, knowledge and contribution.

“One day after work, I visited my patient in a hospice and wheeled him out for a stroll. I got him a video game player that he had longed for but could not afford. I’m glad to be able to fulfill his wish before he passed on,” shared APN Lee Wah.

Giving in one way or another, can have a profound impact on others. Apart from personal gifts, APN Lee Wah also supports heart patients as a staff donor of Heart To Heart Fund. A true advocate of enabling patients to live well, she spearheads “The Community Heart Programme” which aims to empower heart failure (HF) patients in self-management and enable them to live well in the community, as well as support community nurses and care providers for HF patients in the community. The programme is funded though philanthropic gifts through Heart To Heart Fund, and will be rolled out soon.

“I attended to a young female patient who required Tracheostomy and Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implantation for life support after her labour. Due to her condition, she had panic attacks and lost the ability to care for her first-born child. As a form of encouragement, I suggested for her husband to place their wedding or baby’s photo by her bed which gave her the courage to stay positive and look forward to reuniting with her baby,” recalled Assistant Nurse Clinician (ANC) Wong Pui Kuan from Ward 56 Intensive Care Area (ICA).

A small yet thoughtful gesture can help patients in their recovery journey. This is why many of our colleagues like ANC Pui Kuan reach out to our patients in every little way possible, for example through giving to Heart To Heart Fund which provides financial assistance to heart patients in need and supports Research and Education efforts in NHCS.

Our nurses’ dedicated love and care for their patients truly warms our hearts. Their support help ease patients’ financial and mental burden so that they can focus on getting well while knowing that they are not alone. We are truly lucky to have these angels among us. Thank you, our wonderful nurses, for everything!

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Launched in 2010, the Heart To Heart Fund aims to support financially needy patients; patients who require novel treatment when they are unable to undergo conventional therapy; cardiovascular research, and the education and training of cardiac healthcare professionals.

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