"I am a diagnostic radiographer specialising in Computed Tomography (CT) and I help in the diagnosis of patients’ conditions using my knowledge and the technical capability of the CT.

Cardiac imaging is sometimes deemed challenging as there are many factors which may determine the outcome of the scan. However, it becomes interesting when you combine patient history and the configuration of the technical capabilities of the CT system to image the heart.

CT is a mixture of both art and science. It is an art when the coronary vessels are optimally imaged with minimal motion and with as minimal dose to the patient as possible. The science helps to improve the temporal resolution, dose modulation and iterative reconstruction software in the current CT scanner, allowing us to obtain a more beautiful image of the heart.

There’re a lot of memorable moments working as a diagnostic radiographer but helping to save a patient’s life is always an unforgettable experience."


Boon Siew Teng
Senior Radiographer
Department of Radiology
Sengkang General Hospital


Tags: Radiographer, Allied Health