Cardiac Clinics colleagues were still energetic after a 12-hour trek in support of SingHealth President's Challenge!


Themed “Compassion In Action”, this year’s SingHealth President’s Challenge (SHPC) came back with much anticipation just as the nation announced major easing of safe management measures. There was a myraid of exciting activities for staff to finally come together as one SingHealth family to have fun and uplift our benefitting agencies and those they serve.

Connect and Bond

SingHealth’s signature activities this year – SingHealth Trek & Cycle, and SingHealth Master Minds (virtual trivia tournament), saw numerous colleagues and their families bonding and doing good together - be it working up a sweat in the great outdoors, or from the comfort of their homes or workplace.

The SingHealth Trek & Cycle event was particularly popular with NHCS cycling enthusiasts with some 33 sign-ups! The activity required participants to use a GPS mapping application to trace their trekking or cycling routes, to either create their own unique route, or follow a pre-drawn route on given templates. In addition to raising funds through registration fees, a mileage sponsor also donated correspondingly to the miles chalked up by the participants.

(L-R) Unity is strength - two NHCS teams joined hands and won in the Group Cycle (Template) category with their ‘fish’ template route – can you spot the ‘fish’ in the map?

Two of the NHCS teams in particular, had met over several sessions to strategise on the best cycling routes. From scouting and planning the routes, to keeping a lookout for one another during the actual ride, their efforts eventually paid off when one of the teams won the Group Cycle (Template) category! “We were so excited that we won! We had so much fun during the whole process and had agreed earlier that the prize would be split among both teams no matter which team won. It was no doubt a group effort to be able to produce the winning entry!” exclaimed Sim Yu Xuan from Medical Social Services, the representative from the winning team.

Joanna Cheong from Cardiac Clinics, along with a few others, rallied a total of three teams from the Clinics for the Group Trekking category, and completed one of the pre-drawn template route of 14km at Punggol Park. “We started around 8am in the morning and ended almost 12 hours later that evening. It was super tiring with a lot of sweat and pain but there was great camaraderie among the teams and definitely a lot of fun. Bring on the next one!”

The other key activity, SingHealth Master Minds, tested teams on their grasp of general knowledge, pop culture, and knowledge on SingHealth - ‘How many hospital beds did SGH have when it first opened in 1926?’, ‘Which is the real C-3PO (true Star Wars fans would know)?’ and ‘What is the capital of Canada?’ – just some of the questions that stumped the players during the tournament!

“The questions were tricky at times and we were caught off-guard! Nevertheless, there were lots of laughter during the session and we also gained a better understanding about our colleagues – like who is a true Star Wars fan! I think it’s a meaningful event where we can do good and have a great time at the same time,” shared Elizabeth Heer from Corporate Development.


The team from Corporate Development did not get into the finals for the SingHealth Master Minds tournament but won themselves something better – great bonding time.

NHCS Fundraising Bazaar Sales

It is perhaps an open secret that NHCS folks have a penchant for good food because how does one then explain the slew of food offerings at departmental fundraisings activities – bentos, homemade jelly, old-school biscuits, keropok (crackers), sandwiches, bite-sized desserts; you name it, we got it! Fortunately, Nursing came in to save our waistlines with their range of kawai (cute) lifestyle products that are non-edible, such as from Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pokemon.


It was food galore at this year’s NHCS departmental fundraising efforts!


(L-R) 3D flower jellies were handcrafted with love from the Operations team while an all-time favourite, Cardiac Laboratory’s Heart to Heart Bento, returned this year with specially curated comfort food.

With the combined efforts from the departmental fundraising bazaar sales, held from June to August, as well as the pledge cards, NHCS has collectively raised close to $43,000 for the beneficiaries.

Connecting with the beneficiaries

On 5 and 6 September, NHCS, together with SingHealth HQ and National Dental Centre Singapore, held a meaningful outreach activity at Changi Experience Studio, Jewel, with the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), one of the five adopted beneficiaries.

“I think the social stigma in mental health is real and I’m glad we had a chance to interact with the beneficiaries to gain a better understanding of them, and learn how to accept and respect people with mental health issues. We are really glad that everyone had a good time exploring the adventurous virtual world at Changi Experience Studio,” shared Jenn Toh from Corporate Development, who is also the NHCS representative for SingHealth President Challenge Organising Committee.

It was a journey of fun and discovery at the virtual world of Changi Experience Studio with the beneficiaries from SAMH.

The SingHealth President’s Challenge Grand Finale 2022 will take place on 22 October 2022 with SingHealth’s cheque presentation on total funds raised to Guest-of-Honour, President Halimah Yacob. Look out for photos and announcements on the final amount raised nearer to the grand finale!

Big thanks to all our colleagues for the great support and hard work towards SHPC 2022!