On 29 November 2023, more than 80 NHCS monthly staff donors were given a deserving treat to yummy baked sushi rice, in appreciation of their big hearts! These staff have pledged a monthly gift towards the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund. Bit by bit, month by month, their collective gifts have made a significant difference to the lives of more than 3,000 beneficiaries and heart patients in NHCS over the last ten years! 

Funds raised has provided financial assistance to needy heart patients, supported novel treatment modalities to ensure heart patients receive timely care, advanced medical research and training and education of our healthcare professionals to better care outcomes for our patients. 

On top of the yummy treat, our staff donors also received a priviledge card with exclusive deals at our staff bazaar. Everyone walked away with not only smiles on this face, a satisfied palate and a renewed faith and belief to give and help others!

Happy staff donors with their yummy treat in appreciation of their big hearts!

Hear what INSPIRED our colleagues to GIVE!

A LITTLE Each Month Goes a Long Way

A gift as little as $2 a month can help to subsidise the basic medical consultation fees of needy NHCS Heart To Heart patients as they fight a lifelong battle against cardiovascular disease. Together, we can make a huge difference to impact the lives of our heart patients.

With the season of giving approaching, let’s spread love and joy at NHCS by pledging a monthly gift to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund and bring hope to our needy heart patients. Click here