​“More than 2,400 patients seen at National Heart Centre Singapore annually require adhesive bandages after going through cardiac procedures and invasive line insertions.
In the past, patients who had thin and fragile skin would often end up with skin tear after the bandages were removed - requiring doctor’s attention, prescription of antibiotics, and even an extended stay in the hospital.

While there were other options such as water, antiseptic alcohol, and acetone, we found that olive oil was the only product which did not cause skin dryness or allergies. Furthermore, it was widely available and an economical solution that also helped to moisturise the skin while easing the bandage removal process.

A survey of 100 patients found that 75 per cent of them rated the new bandage removal process “good” and “excellent”, up from zero previously.

Many of our patients are elderly with fragile skin. In the past, they had to endure the pain when we removed the adhesive bandages. It’s now a calm and painless process. We are happy that this simple yet significant step has helped improve patient care.”

National Heart Centre Singapore
Winner of the Special Mention Team Award, Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2017