​Knitting is bringing comfort and convenience to patients with breast cancer whilst also doing good for others.   This is one of several projects started by Ms Teresa Ng Ruey Pyng, Assistant Director of Nursing, KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) to help patients in her clinic and across KKH.

Patients who have undergone breast surgery often need to carry a bottle with them for seven to 10 days to collect the bloody fluid that drains out from the surgical site.   When Ms Teresa Ng discovered the inconvenience this causes her patients, she decided to find a solution and raise money for the KKH Health Fund at the same time.

"While training overseas, I came across patients carrying little sling bags for drainage bottles. When I came back to Singapore, I approached members of the KK Alpine Blossoms Breast Cancer Support Group, who are volunteers.   I proposed the idea of sewing similar little sling bags for patients who have undergone breast surgery.   Besides helping other patients with breast cancer, I also wanted to give these volunteers and breast cancer survivors the opportunity to give back to society by donating the proceeds earned from the sales of these bags to a good cause," says Ms Ng.

The members of the KK Alpine Blossoms Breast Cancer Support Group were keen to help but they couldn't sew.   Instead, they decided to knit the bags.   The Group now makes and 'sells' around 150 bags a year for patients.   KKH staff and members of the public pay $20 to 'sponsor' a hand-knitted sling bag for a patient with breast cancer while the money earned is donated to the KKH Health Fund.   The KKH Health Fund supports patients in need, medical research and education across the hospital.   The project has raised more than $8,000 for the Fund since it started in 2015.

This is just one of several fundraising initiatives led by Ms Ng.   She started in 2009 with a pink ribbon cupcake sale and other projects have included an annual cookie fundraising event supported by students from ISS International School.   To date she has raised more than $30,000 for the KKH Health Fund.

Ms Ng's passion for fundraising stems from wanting to pay back to society.   She has also donated monthly to KKH Health Fund for more than 10 years and encourages her nurses to contribute too.

"No amount is too small because every dollar adds up over the months and makes a real difference to patients' lives.   Sometimes patients need more than clinical care to help them cope with their illnesses.  We see patients who have exhausted all their savings and other sources of financial help.   Our hearts go out to these patients and we can help them by supporting the KKH Health Fund."

For just $20, you can sponsor a bag for a good cause and touch a precious life with this act of compassion.  For more details, please contact Ms Doris at 6394 5815 or email her at Seow.Li.Yuen@kkh.com.sg