​"I have always looked up to educators for playing a key role in the clinical field. As an educator myself, albeit new to the role for only 4 years, I want to inspire my colleagues to grow and cultivate a love of learning. Wanting to share best practices and impart knowledge to my colleagues, especially to the new ones, is truly what I enjoy most and it inspired me to be an educator. Seeing team members thrive when they realize their potential that they can excel in a clinical environment is what keeps me going.

When it comes to sharing and imparting knowledge, no effort is too small and no sharing is too big. This pandemic has shown us that continuous education is the key to ensuring a team that is well prepared in managing crises and emergencies. With the knowledge I have gained, I will impart it to the team so that we can grow together.

It gives me great joy when I witness my colleagues give all their focus and commitment in ensuring that they practice what they have learned. They often tell me personally how our training have kept them going and well-prepared. One of my most memorable experiences is seeing colleagues who were at first struggling, overcoming challenges, and striving to do their best afterward.

As simple as it may sound to some, here’s wishing that the future generation of educators will always live a life full of learning opportunities, plant the seeds of knowledge to enable growth for the younger generations to thrive in the field and receive the support that they need."

- Aubrey Kuhonta Cunanan, Senior Respiratory Therapist, Sengkang General Hospital