"I perform general radiography and I’m in-charge of the section in Sengkang General Hospital.  I ensure radiographs produced are of diagnostic quality which can help clinicians in answering the clinical questions. I am also in the education pathway so I assist in overseeing students coming for their clinical placements.

Radiology is a specialty which uses radiation, including ultrasound and magnetic resonance for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

I experience a sense of tremendous fulfillment when the outcomes of the radiographs are ‘beautiful’ and diagnostic despite the case being difficult to position for whatever reason.

I once had a patient who came in very late for her screening mammographic appointment and demanded for the procedure to be done the moment she arrived. I could not accede to her request as I had other patients waiting in the queue for x-rays. I patiently explained to her that she had to register first but she became very angry and threatened to complain this matter to my supervisor. When it was her turn, she was still fuming mad. I asked her to calm down and then explained to her that my intent was really to help her go through the screening mammogram. She eventually revealed that she was afraid of the pain she’s going to experience during the mammogram. I explained that feeling some level of pain is normal and assured her that I would walk alongside her and help her go through the procedure. I could sense her nervousness throughout the procedure, but we managed to complete it. After that, she apologised and shared that she had a very traumatic mammographic experience when she was much younger. This caused her to be fearful of going for mammograms. This was the reason why it took her so long to turn up for the procedure as she needed to get herself mentally prepared for it. All in all, the outcome was positive and she was so grateful that she gave me a long big hug as a way of thanking me. That day, I was over the moon that I made a difference in a patient’s life."

April Toh
Senior Principal Radiographer
Department of Radiology
Sengkang General Hospital