"When I was 12, I had to undergo an elective surgery.  I still remember the anxiety I felt when I was rolled into the operating theatre, but what was even more unforgettable was the nurse who was there to comfort me.  She tried to lighten the atmosphere with her soft laughter and light-hearted conversations.  I felt relieved that I had a 'guardian angel' with me.

Thirteen years on, I am a full-fledged Registered Nurse working in the operating theatres. Every day, I meet new faces coming for surgery. Even though I might be caught up in my work, I constantly remind myself that I should do my best to ease the fear that the patients may have.  Holding their hand or giving them a simple pat on the back can help them to find strength and courage in the operating theatre."


Alicia See Min Ting
Staff Nurse
Singapore General Hospital


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