"'Uncle, can you hear me?' 

This may seem like a simple question, but it really helps break the ice when I see a patient at a hearing aid consultation.  Just by asking this little question, they can open up and even start sharing their personal stories – of how hearing loss has affected their life and family members. 

My typical day begins at the Centre for Hearing and Ear Implants in SGH. I see a variety of patients – from those needing hearing assessment, to patients in rehabilitation, and from babies to elderly patients.  This requires me to put on different hats – as a clinician, an advisor, a funny clown (for the babies!) or sometimes simply as a listening ear. 

After my work day ends, I put on another hat – that is of a new parent's. I enjoy learning 'on-the-job' in taking care of my daughter and spending precious time with her at home."


Adam Tan Ping Meng
Senior Audiologist
Singapore General Hospital


Tags: Audiologist, Allied Health