Mooncake offerings from the Department of Operations (Management Information & Performance).



That was the number of perfect, bite-sized pieces of decadent dark chocolate that Jasmine Lim from the National Heart Research Institute Singapore (NHRIS) made for President’s Challenge (PC) 2019. The large sales order also meant that a significant amount of time was spent labouring over these slices of heaven.

“I spent several weekends fulfilling the orders. Knowing that it’s for a good cause makes everything worthwhile,” said Jasmine who is known for her crafty hands and big heart. She shared that it took about seven hours to make a batch of 200 pieces so it took her a whopping 26.2 hours of kitchen time!

And Jasmine was not the only one who has contributed time and effort for the beneficiaries of PC.

Since June, various departments have set up stalls to market their mishmash of goods - from sandwiches and mooncakes, to hand-made bags made from scrap cloth.

Jasmine Lim from NHRIS with her handmade chocolate.

Resistance band workout session conducted by Cardiac Physiotherapy Services.

Tasha Tan, Manager from the Academic Clinical Programme and NHCS-lead for PC 2019 said, “Ever since PC started, departments have given their all to support the beneficiaries year after year.”

Tasha and her colleague, Jenny Lee, also led two very successful fundraising activities, “We are yoga-enthusiasts so this common interest brought us to organise a yoga session for NHCS. We had staff experienced in the sport as well as total amateurs join us, it was a blast!”

Yoga-wannabes sweating it out on the rooftop of NHCS.

The department fundraising activities which just came to an end, saw a total of ten events with participation from several departments and individuals. At the time of publishing, over $14,000*, a record for NHCS, has been raised for the beneficiaries of PC 2019!

Expressing her appreciation on behalf of the NHCS PC 2019 Organising Committee, Tasha said, “We sincerely thank all departments and individuals who made the fundraising period a very heartwarming one, and truly and aptly demonstrated ‘Caring As One Compassionate Family’ which is the tagline this year!”

NHCS PC 2019 Organising Committee (L-R): Nurse Clinician Liang Ming, Ward 56; Tan Yong Jia, Pharmacy; Tasha Tan, ACP; Yeo Wee Ting, Cardiac Physiotherapy Services; Jacqueline Huo, Department of Operations (Management Information & Performance); Jenny Lee, ACP; and Murniwati Binte Rahmat, Cardiac Laboratory.

*Funds raised through department fundraising activities only.