Let's face it – Singaporeans love a good deal. Little thrills us more than to find something "cheap and good". So imagine the excitement caused when Komonoya, a $2 concept store, launched within NTUC at Bukit Merah Central recently. It has a wide range of offerings from homeware to fashion accessories to reusable shopping bags – all sorts of interesting things that will surely get the heart rates of deal hunters racing!

We visit the spanking new store to suss some of the best buys for office workers:

Organise your workspace

Want to organise your workstation for maximum efficiency, productivity and general cleanliness? Check out these nifty compartments and containers that can help you achieve just that!

Desk organisers and containers of all shapes, sizes and colours are available to keep your stationery, wires/chargers and even teabags in order.

Need more desk space? No worries! Make use of these rustic hanging organisers to keep your desk top clean and clutter-free.

Get comfy!

We spend more time in the office than we do at home during the work week and so it's perfectly understandable if you feel the need to get cozy during the day with some of these creature comforts.

There is little more shiok than being able to kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable. Komonoya's myriad of soft, cushy home slippers will surely leave you spoilt for choice. Just don't forget to change out of these and into your work shoes before rushing off for your meetings!

We all know too well how much it can hurt when new shoes "bite" our feet. When it happens, fret not! This army of gel insoles will help you keep any gnawing shoes at bay.

We all could do with a little more support, can't we? We're talking back and waist support as we sit for long hours in front of the computer. This mesh back supporter slips easily on to your office chair, offering much needed relief from sitting for long periods.

Keep calm and carry on

Work can get stressful at times and taking little breaks during the day is a good way to help us recharge. Turn your workstation into a little zen respite by including some of these gadgets that could help you rest, relax and revitalize yourself to face any challenge ahead! 

While nothing can beat the touch of a seasoned masseuse, these handy point foot massagers are a great alternative to soothe tired feet while sitting at your desk. Simply take off your shoes and rest your feet on the massager for an instant pressure point massage.

Need to squeeze in a quick nap during lunch time? No worries! This mini pillow that wraps around your arm is the perfect tool to help you get comfy for a quick tabletop snooze.

DIY your own scalp massage with this nifty head spa wire! Softly massage your scalp to relieve those sensitive nerves and keep tension headaches at bay.

(Fashion) Crisis averted!

Not dressed for a last minute meeting? Accidentally ripped a hem while getting to work? Have fur from a beloved pet stuck all over you clothes? We've all been there before. With solutions at reach for just $2, we can easily avert any fashion crisis and continue to seize the day!

Gentlemen, we've got you covered. Never again will you need to scramble for a tie at the last minute as you can now easily get one at a steal – the quality is decent and there are many different designs to choose from too!

Just noticed a small tear in your outfit? Well, never leave the office embarrassed again! There is a wide range of handy sewing kits available for a quick fix. 

(For more major fixes, you might want to visit Auntie Sally from Yatsze Gents Ladies Dressmaking!) 

Even if your darling pet rubbed fur all over your clothes, you needn't worry – these lint removers will do just the trick to brush off those pesky pet hairs in a jiffy.

Discovered other gem buys from Komonoya? Share them with us at joyatwork@singhealth.com.sg. We'd love to hear from you!