​“Give With Passion, Spark Your Compassion” is a Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) fundraising initative to help needy patients through Flag Day street donations, including cashless donations through a new “Tap & Donate” system that accepts contributions from EZ-Link cards.

In conjunction with the Flag Day, BVH will also host a learning workshop to raise funds which will go towards providing quality medical care and services for BVH’s patients.

Event Details
BVH Flag Day 2018 “Give With Passion, Spark Your Compassion”
10 March 2018, Saturday, 9am to 6pm:

Call for volunteers
The organising committee is looking for volunteers to help out.  

First shift: 8am – 2pm
Second shift: 12pm – 6pm
Full shift: 8am – 6pm

Tins distribution and collection venue: SingHealth Academia
Venue for Donation: Islandwide
Number of volunteers required: 680

To donate, visit https://www.giving.sg/bright-vision-hospital/bvhfd2018
To sign up as a volunteer, visit http://bit.ly/bvhflagday2018