By Vanessa Choo

​It’s only been ten years since Steve Jobs started the smartphone revolution and now many of us cannot imagine life without our devices. It’s so easy to reach for this “second brain” in our pocket as there are apps for practically everything – directions to that swanky new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, paying your bills on the go, various social media platforms, and even making sure you’ve hit the target number of steps each day.
It seems mobile apps have augmented our lives in more ways than one. We spoke to a few colleagues to find out what apps they simply can’t live without.


Tan Fay-Ann
Manager, Group Education

App I love: DBS PayLah

I love it because…
It makes transferring money and paying bills so easy! I can pay my kids’ tutor and swim coach without the need to withdraw cash or write a cheque. The transaction history is also helpful for keeping track of all the payments I’ve made.


Syuhaidah Binte Fadzil
Senior Executive, Marketing Communications App I love:

App I love: Paprika Recipe Manager

I love it because…
This app organises all my favourite recipes in one place so I don’t have to write them down or keep physical clippings. If I am cooking for more, the app multiplies the recipe easily so I don’t have to do the math! It also has a meal planning and kitchen inventory feature, which helps prevent wastage by helping me plan meals around the ingredients I already have.


Leonard Lim
Executive, Operations 

App I love: Nestia 

I love it because…
This is an all-in-one lifestyle app that allows me to plan my journey, check bus timings, catch up on the latest news and even book movie tickets all with one app – how convenient!


James Tan
Manager, HR Technology 

App I love: Shazam 

I love it because…
Shazam can identify almost any song that is being played, which is especially useful for a music enthusiast like me. Whenever I hear a tune I like and want to find out details like the singer or song title, I just activate the app while the song is on and within moments, it will generate the information I need. The song is then tagged to my playlist so that I can listen to it anytime.


Gourie Pandey
Executive, Office of Research 

App I love: Trello 

I love it because…
Iit’s a personal task management and project management app that’s great for the visual organisers like me. The interface allows me to get a quick overview at the start of each day to manage the most important to-dos, and it even has certain features like the ‘Trello Card Snooze’ which helps me to organise any overdue tasks.


Did you know that SingHealth has some pretty cool apps too?
Check these ones out!

Health Buddy

Download it: App Store | Google Play


SingHealth Events App

Want to stay on top of all SingHealth events? This app is for you!
You can easily check out all SingHealth events and view details such as the programme, speakers' biography, event venue and more. This one-stop app even allows you to receive alerts from event organisers and participate in polls and surveys.

Download it: App Store | Google Play


SingHealth mDirectory
Ever had to contact a colleague on the go but didn’t have his office number or email address?
Fret not! The SingHealth mDirectory app will give you access to any colleague’s contacts with just a simple search. There is also a “Doctors on Call” function which lists the doctors currently on-call, and an “IT Notifications” function for you to receive alerts on your mobile phone so as to avoid those pesky unscheduled IT downtime situations.

Download it here!