Whether it be childhood anthems or soundtracks to our love lives, music has a mysterious way of bringing back fond memories and carrying us through different stages of our lives. We asked five of SingHealth’s very own what their top go-to tracks are and why they often find themselves belting them in the shower. 

Jeremiah Gerard Yeo Wee Liang
Executive, Strategic Human Resource – Policy & Planning

Head Above Water – Avril Lavigne
“Avril was a huge musical inspiration to me growing up. I have always been impressed with her lyrical ability, which never ceases to encapsulate her emotions and personal journey. Her latest track documents Avril’s journey battling and ultimately coming out victorious over Lyme disease.”
Home – Dick Lee
“Many might think, “This National Day song again?”, but I feel that the song goes beyond just the uniquely crafted lyrics. It is also a strong testament of the community we have right here in Singapore. Singing the song immediately brings out the true essence of diversity, memories and gratitude.”
What Faith Can Do – Kutless
“My favorite line is, “You gotta face the clouds, to find the silver lining”. It constantly encourages and reminds me that impossible is not a word; it is just a reason for someone not to try.”

Helen Yeo Siu Hong
Director, Group Education – Residency – Graduate Medical Education HQ
Perfect – Ed Sheeran
“This song reminds me of the time GME spent with seniors at the Bukit Merah Senior Activity Centre in December of 2017 as part of an outreach programme. It was very popular then, and I heard it on the radio on my way home almost every day. Whenever I listen to Perfect now, it reminds me of the heart-warming afternoon we spent with the seniors caroling and doing arts-and-crafts. It was a truly special and perfect outreach experience.”
Leader of the Band – Dan Fogelberg
“This one is an evergreen song for me! I grew up listening to it and it still brings back fond memories of my childhood today. I especially love its soothing tune.”

Mayamin Binti Muzmil
Associate Executive, Group Allied Health

Relax, Take It Easy – Mika
“This has been my ringtone for as long as I can remember, and listening closely to the lyrics always calms me down and makes me want to sing (in my heart). At the same time, its punchy tune always gives me an energy boost!”
One Love – Blue
“Blue is one of my favourite boy bands, besides the Backstreet Boys, of course! I remember memorising the chorus by heart when I was just 8 years old and showing off to my peers as if I were a professional singer. Now that I’m older, I also realise how relatable the lyrics are. Whenever times get rough, this song reminds me that giving up is never an option.”
Where is the Love? – The Black Eyed Peas
“This one is, undoubtedly, my favourite song from the early 2000s! It’s got some great lyrics and hard-hitting passages that are both though-provoking and inspiring. It does humanity little credit that these words sung in 2003 still reflect the world we live in today. The human race is capable of great love and understanding, but we don’t demonstrate it in our daily behaviour nearly enough. Since it’s staff appreciation month, show a little kindness around your colleagues and I’m sure it will make their day!”

Jie Lim
Executive, Group Communications & Service Quality
Shallows – Daughter
“I discovered this song by chance during some of the lowest points in my life and the way it comforted my soul was incredible. This was the first song that took me into an area of my being that I never knew existed, like an overwhelming feeling of strength with a yearning for healing. As a genre, the ambient indie tunes by Daughter fast became what is now my favourite genre. They’re an absolute inspiration to me in both music and in life.”
Kings and Queens – Thirty Seconds to Mars
“The ultimate pick-me-up tune, this song is the most potent musical triple-espresso shot for when I feel lethargic. No other song has the same energising effect as this song, it is my absolute go-to when I’m feeling mentally drained in the middle of a difficult work task. I love how catchy the groove and guitar lines are, and too often I have caught myself head-banging to this song (a little too) vigorously!”
Conscious – Broods
“The incredible way music has power over emotions is what makes this song so memorable for me. An eerie, apprehensive vibe gives way to a grand kind of feel-good strength that makes me feel pretty invincible amidst one’s struggles. This song, however, is sadly paired with one thorn of regret – as it reminds me of that one night when we were travelling in Canada recently and missed the opportunity to catch Broods live in concert!”

Joan Chan Mei Yi
Executive, Strategic Human Resource – Leadership & Organisation Development
Perfect – Ed Sheeran
“It’s so romantic! This song speaks of love that is imperfectly perfect and precious. I first heard this song during a wedding march-in and it was too beautiful, I totally melted. The emotions that Ed Sheeran puts into his singing – amazing! A girl can dream, truly."
Zombie – The Cranberries
“This song is such an old classic, I put it on loop when doing really mundane things like cleaning or jogging to hype things up a little. If I’m being honest, I don’t actually know all the lyrics to it – I pretty much make up all the words. All the shrieking is such a good stress reliever! Plus, no one judges in the shower.”
No Boundaries – Adam Lambert
“This song holds special meaning to me as it was introduced to me by a close friend back when I was still schooling, to encourage me to push on in the difficult period of time I was going through. Now, every time I need a boost to get me going and motivated, this song is my go-to!”