By Chua Chee Yong

Many of us have found ourselves behind our camera phone or digital camera, capturing that next Instagram-worthy shot.  We may also be called on to take pictures at staff events for record or for publication. Here are some simple tips to ensure that we take pictures that evoke fond memories and bring a smile to the face.

1) The rule of thirds

This is the most basic and common principle in composing your photograph. Imagine the image that you want to capture into nine parts. The four points where the lines intersect are where the eye is naturally drawn towards. Try to place the focus of your image at one of the points.  

2) Allow adequate lead room
Well-composed shots will include 'white space' or lead room in the direction that a subject is facing, or in the case of moving objects, in front of the direction that an object is moving towards. 

3) For event photography, always check out the venue in advance
This will help you find the right spots, angles and lighting for the best pictures, as well as the correct positions to capture what’s required for the event. Don’t be afraid to take shots from different angles and positions, even if it means having to sneak behind the stage rostrum, standing in front of the audience or squeeze through the crowd to catch your subject!

4) You’re in charge!
Especially for posed photographs! As the photographer, you can ask your subjects to move closer/further or to the right/left. After all, both you and the subject share the same aim – to capture the subject’s best possible side! 

5) Expect the unexpected
Sometimes the best pictures are those that are not posed or are unexpected. So always be prepared and take as many pictures as possible!

Other details to note:

  • Charge your camera and mobile phones – you don’t want to lose that prize winning shot with your camera or phone dying on you.
  • Check that your memory cards have enough space storage to last you through the event or day. Bring extras if needed.
  • Bring along your laptop and memory card reader if you need to share photos right after the event.

Have fun capturing memories!