​Strategies to lower high cholesterol

  1. Those at risk of high cholesterol should stop/avoid smoking and exercise more.

  2. It is important to eat a balanced diet, with home-cooked meals where possible.

  3. People in their 40s should have their cholesterol levels checked (see table below for desirable levesl of cholesterol).

Desirable cholesterol levels

Cholesterol in
mmol/L (mg/dl)

Average adult without known coronary risk factors

Adult with heart disease/diabetes/other coronary risk factors

​LDL cholesterol 
​< 3.4 (130)
​< 2.6 (100)
HDL (high protein density, 
or “good”) cholesterol

​= 1.0 (40)
​= 1.0 (40)
​Total cholesterol 
< 5.2 (200)
​< 4.1 (160)

Source: Singapore Heart Foundation

  1. Get a blood test done earlier if there are other risk factors, such as obesity, a family history of premature death from heart attack, or a smoking habit.

  2. Consider taking medication if diet and exercise do not help control the risk. It is important to have a family doctor who can regularly monitor your condition to check for adverse effects, if any, which are rare.

Ref: N18