Ever wondered if your forgetfulness is normal or whether it is more serious, like dementia?

Now, with the new Memory Care function, available only on the Health Buddy app, you can monitor your memory health, identify early warning signs of pre-dementia (mild cognitive impairment) and even manage it – all from your mobile phone.

Early detection of pre-dementia is critical as early medical intervention at this stage can delay the progression to dementia. Memory Care was created in collaboration with the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), a member of the SingHealth group,

Features of Memory Care include:

Checklists for users to detect early warning signs of cognitive decline

After user completes the memory care checklist, the app provides advice on whether their memory is healthy or can be improved, and recommends action to take.

Users can read recommended dementia-related articles selected by clinicians

caregiver well-being checklist to detect caregiver burnout

Tips on how to manage caregiver stress and provide better care for dementia dependants

Join caregiver support group forums for caregivers to participate, share experiences and learn from other caregivers.

SingHealth Health Buddy Memory Care

Where can you get Memory Care?

If you are already a Health Buddy app user, you'll find the new Memory Care function within "Specialty Care", found on the home screen of the app (see above). If you don't have Health Buddy, download the app and try it for FREE today!


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