Don't put up with chronic pain! Find out how you can manage it better.

Pain is a common symptom experienced by people of all ages. You may experience different levels of pain when you have a painful condition or recovering from surgery.

Good pain relief not only reduces suffering but can also help with faster healing. With adequate pain relief, it

  • Minimises interferences with activities e.g. rest and sleep, and

  • Enables you to do your physiotherapy exercises leading to speedy recovery

In this "Ask the Specialist" forum, Clinical Assistant Professor Diana Chan, Head & Senior Consultant from the Department of Pain Management at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), answers your questions about pain conditions, how to manage pain better, support available for pain management and more.

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About Clin Asst Prof Diana Chan

Clinical Assistant Professor Diana Chan is presently the Head and Senior Consultant of Department of Pain Management, SGH.

She did her pain fellowship in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in 2016, and also has a keen interest for pain-related research.

She is also a member and ex treasurer of the Pain Association of Singapore, and a member of the Pain Chapter, Academy of Medicine. Besides her qualifications in anaesthesiology and pain, she also has a Graduate Diploma of Acupuncture (GDA) and Masters of Clinical Investigation.

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