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Daily recommended calorie intake

The average recommended daily caloric intake is 2,200 calories for males, and 1,800 calories for females. These values are based on an average weight and physical activity of the average male and female Singaporean.

For a more personalised and accurate caloric requirement, you would need to take into account your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level.

When deciding what to eat, follow the My Healthy Plate guidelines for a balanced meal. Fill your plate with 1/2 plate of fruit and vegetables, 1/4 of wholegrains, and 1/4 of meat and others.


  1. Choose the lower end of the calorie range if your BMI is above the healthy range of 18.5-22.9 kg/m
  2. Include fruit with your meals and 2 cups of low fat milk or equivalent per day in addition to your meals for optimal health (1 serving fruit = 60 Calories, 1 cup low fat milk = 120 Calories)

However, Ms Ong stresses, “We encourage healthy eating and not calorie counting.”

“When eating out, always look out for the healthier choice logo,” says Ms Christine Ong, Senior Principal Dietitian at the Nutrition and Dietetics Departme​nt​ at KK Women's and Children's Hospit​​al (KKH), a member of SingHealth group. “Choose items that are prepared with healthier ingredients such as evaporated milk instead of coconut milk, low fat or non-fat dairy products, fibre-added vermicelli instead of refined flour versions, and oils which are low in saturated fat oil and high in monounsaturated fats.​​​​​

Healthier alternatives

Food categoryUnhealthy choicesHealthier choices
BurgersLarge beef or chicken burgers, with extra cheese or baconHamburger, cheeseburger, burger with fish fillet (less mayonnaise/tartar sauce)
PizzaPan or stuffed crust pizza

Thin crust pizza (Hawaiian, vegetarian topping)​

ChickenHot and crispy chicken (thigh and ribs), popcorn chicken, chicken meals, French friesOriginal chicken (drumstick and breast, without skin), chicken burger (less mayonnaise), whipped potato (with less gravy)

Croissant sandwich with mayonnaise fillings e.g. tuna, egg mayonnaise

12-inch sandwiches with meatball marinara, spicy Italian, chicken and bacon ranch fillings

Side orders of cookies or potato chips​ 

Baguette sandwich with lean meat fillings e.g. roast beef, turkey ham
6-inch sandwiches with oven roasted chicken breast/ham/turkey fillings
Ask for more fresh vegetable toppings e.g tomato, lettuce, mustard, green peppers
Go without dressing or choose lower calorie dressings such as honey mustard or sweet onion.  Hold off the salt too.
BeveragesIce-blended drinks or frappe with whipped cream and flavoured syrupsLatte, cappuccino or flat white with non/low fat milk and no whipped cream. Add less sugar or omit the sugar

See previous page to learn about the healthy plate and food packaging ​labels​.​

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