HealthXchange's Professional Chef Series - Chef Jimmy Chok

In an ongoing effort to promote healthy living and increase the quality of life for you, our reader, we have collaborated with professional chefs for their culinary expertise in creating healthy, easy-to-make dishes for you to try at home. Because #healthiswealth #healthforgood

This recipe has 4 servings.

Ingredients and steps to make flaked seared salmon


Fresh Norwegian Salmon fillet (skinless) 480g​Japanese Soya Sauce 1 tbsp
​Togarashi Chilli powder 1 tbsp​Canola Oil 1 tbsp
​Goma Furikake seasoning 1 tbsp

Steps to cook salmon:

Marinate salmon with soya sauce

Crust salmon with togarashi chilli powder

Heat a non-stick pan and add canola oil

Sear salmon for about 1min on each side and set aside

Chef's Note : Make sure salmon is not fully cooked, so it retains it's Omega-3 properties and won't be too dry. Salmon can be pre-cooked ahead of time and placed in the refrigerator before serving.

Ingredients and steps to to make herb brown rice salad


​Cooked Brown Rice 400g​Lime Leaves 2 nos
​Lemongrass 1 stalk​Spring Onion 1 sprig
​Coriander 1 sprig​Sweet Basil 2 nos

Steps to cook herb brown rice salad:

Chop lime leaves, lemongrass, spring onion, coriander and sweet basil finely.

Allow rice to cool before using.

Place rice and chopped ingredients into a bowl and mix, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Portion rice individually, and use hands to flake salmon on top of each individual rice serving.

Ready to serve! #goodforhealth

About the Chef

A familiar face within the local F&B scene, Chef Jimmy Chok of JC Concepts needs no introduction. This veteran from various establishments like Salt, Bistro Soori and Raffles Hotel, just to name a few, has brought up the profile of the culinary profession within our shores. With a few cookbooks to his name, his inimitable culinary style has also seen him decorated with different awards and accolades, testament to his prowess in the kitchen.