HealthXchange's Professional Chef Series - Chef Alven Tai of Pietro Ristorante Italiano

In an ongoing effort to promote healthy living and increase the quality of life for you, our reader, we have collaborated with professional chefs for their culinary expertise in creating healthy, easy-to-make dishes for you to try at home. Because #healthiswealth #healthforgood

This recipe has 1 serving for the salad and about 8-10 servings for the dressing, which can be kept refrigerated for later use.

Ingredients and steps to make your own plum dressing:


Vinegar 35g                                  ​Plum Sauce 40g
Salt 8g                                          ​Black Pepper Powder 2g
Lemon Juice 10g                          ​Sugar 25g
Sesame Oil 1g                              ​Sunflower Oil 55g
Lemon Zest (skin) 1/4 nos.      ​Extra Virgin Olive Oil 40g


Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Store in bottle and refrigerate for future usage.

Ingredients and steps to make tuna peach salad with homemade plum dressing:


Tuna fillets 80g                           ​Pinch of salt
Black Pepper 10g                       ​Mesclun Salad 60g
Whole Peach 2 nos.          ​Cherry Tomato 20g
Onion 20g                                  ​Cranberries 5g
Homemade Plum Dressing 20g


Marinate the tuna fillets with salt and coat the skin with black pepper.

Pan-fry until medium rare.

Place mesclun salad in mixing bowl, add homemade plum sauce, cranberries, onions cherry tomatoes and mix well.

Place mixed salad onto plate, top with tuna slices and peach slices.

Ready to serve!

About the Chef

With 12 years of experience, Chef Alven ventured back into the local dining scene after receiving formal culinary training in Taiwan for 2 years. He plied his craft at various establishments like Bakerzin and Etna Italian before joining Pietro Ristorante Italiano. He has been with the establishment for 8 years, painstakingly honing his specialty in Italian cuisine. 

About the establishment

A beloved gem amongst residents living nearby, Pietro is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, among the suburban properties of the Seletar/Yio Cho Kang estate. Serving classical Italian fare, their old-school and tried-and-true dishes are served within their thoughtfully curated interior, giving customers a truly Italian experience.

12 Jalan Kelulut S(809030)

Tel : 6484 5528