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Yellow Curry Chicken - Shared by Peng Yen Hoo


​Chicken (fresh/frozen) cut into pcs - 1kg

​Big potato (cubed) - 1 nos

​Dancing chef yellow curry chicken paste - 1 pkt

​Lemongrass (crushed) - 2 stalks

​Kara coconut cream - 200ml

​Chilli padi (crushed) (optional) - 4 nos

​Water - 300ml

​Curry leaves

​Big yellow onion (thinly sliced) - 1 nos

​Salt - To taste

​Carrot (cubed) - 1 nos

​Oil - 3 tblspn


1) Heat oil and stirfry onion till semi-transparent

2) Add the lemongrass stalks and chilli padi, stir a bit

3) Lower heat, add in curry paste, stir until fragrant

4) Add water and bring to boil

5) Add in carrots and potatoes, stir, lower fire and cover to simmer till half-cooked

6) Add coconut cream, stir well, add curry leaves

7) Add chicken and salt, cover and simmer under low fire until chicken is cooked

The curry is ready! Serve it with rice / bread

About the participant

My name is Yen, and i stay in Woodlands. I'm a mother of 4 who loves cooking healthy meal for my family. Thankfully all my children love spicy food! I hope you'll like this recipe.

Peng Yen Hoo

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