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Prawn Noodle (Thick Soup Base) - Shared by Vera Octavia

Dish ingredients

1/2kg of wet noodles

​6 pcs of tofu, diced then fried


​1/2 kg of boiled potatoes, diced

​250g bean sprouts (tau gay)


​250g cucumbers, thinly sliced and small

Gravy ingredients

1/4kg fresh shrimp, clean

​1 ginger

​1 ounce of dried shrimp (hei bi)

​Brown sugar

1 teaspoon ground pepper


​6 cloves of garlic

​black soy sauce

​3 btr candlenut

​starch for thickening


1. Prepare blended spices and tail and shrimp head puree, then sauté using olive oil until fragrant then add the shrimp until the shrimp are cooked.

2. Boil water in the pan, then add the spices that have been sautéed ... add salt, sugar, brown sugar and broth powder. After boiling check the taste, it should have a sweet taste. Then thicken the gravy with starch solution ... colour of the gravy should be brown.

The gravy is ready! Complete the dish:

Use a bowl. Fill it with noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, potatoes and crackers. Drench with the shrimp gravy. For added flavor, add more soy sauce and chili.

About the participant

I'm Vera from Indonesia, and have been working in Singapore as a Creative Director. I'm a happy mother of 2. I love to cook and explore spices. I enjoy the scene in my home when my family looks in delight at the dishes I prepare for them. Most of the food I cook have Indonesian Chinese influence.

This is my 1st recipe. The photos were taken long ago by my husband while I was doing preparation. Will take better ones next time when I cook this dish again. My kids and husband love this dish very much.

Vera Octavia

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