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Brown Rice Bee Hoon Ikan Bilis Soup - Shared by Forest Goh


Brown rice bee hoon - 100g

Ikan bilis - 20g 

Water - 400ml

Xiao bai cai - 100g 

Chicken mid wings - 5 nos

Oyster sauce - 3 tblspn

​ ​


    1. Soak brown rice been hoon in water for 30mins till soft.

    2. Wash 20g ikan bilis to remove dirt and excess salt. Then put them in 400ml water and boil on high heat for 15mins, then simmer for 2h. Remove the ikan bilis and seive the soup.

    3. Put in the brown rice bee hoon into the ikan bilis soup. When water boils, add xiao bai cai (or other leafy green vegetables).

    4. Marinate 5 chicken mid wings with 3 tablespoons of MSG-free oyster sauce overnight. Bake in the toaster for 20min till cooked thoroughly. Baking is good as it removes the extra oil.

    Your Brown Rice Bee Hoon in Ikan Bilis Soup with baked chicken wings is ready. Enjoy!

About the participant

I’m a 70-year-old retiree that prefers to cook for myself at home as it is more economical and I can cook healthier meals tailored to taste and preferences!

Forest Goh 

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