May Lim, winner of the HealthXchange Healthy Recipes Contest, shares her yu sheng receipe that's packed with assorted fruits. It's fruity, yummy and of course, healthy too!

Assorted Fruits Yu Sheng Ingredients 


  • Get ready-packed yu sheng ingredients
  • 3 Guavas
  • 2 Thai Mangos
  • 1 green pear
  • 2 Mandarin oranges


  1. Assorted fruits include 3 Guavas, 2 Thai Mangos, 1 green pear and 2 Mandarin oranges (symbolising salmon fish)
  2. Cut all fruits into slices and rinse it with cold water
  3. Place all ready fruits on a large plate
  4. Lastly, place the mandarin oranges to represent salmon fish

Contributor Details

Ms May Lim
Recipes Contest 2013

Ref: S13