HealthXchange's Professional Chef Series - Chef Ramesh Babu.J of Amici Events and Catering

In an ongoing effort to promote healthy living and increase the quality of life for you, our reader, we have collaborated with professional chefs for their culinary expertise in creating healthy, easy-to-make dishes for you to try at home. Because #healthiswealth #healthforgood

This recipe has 5 servings.


150g Chicken Breast  5 nos.

​Mustard 2 tsp

​Lemon 2 nos.

​Fresh Basil 6 leaves

​USA Asparagus 150g

​Red Cherry Tomatoes 100g

Olive Oil 100ml

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes 50g

Montreal Chicken Seasoning 2 tsp

​Honey 1 tsp

​White Vinegar 1 tsp

​Walnuts 50g

​Pomegranate 50g

​Arugula and Romaine Lettuce 100g


To create Basil Vinaigrette - Blend olive oil (90g), lemon juice, fresh basil leaves, honey and mustard. Pour the blended vinaigrette into serving porcelain/glassware.

Marinate chicken with olive oil (10g), lemon zest (shaved lemon skin) and Montreal Chicken Seasoning.

Pan-fry the chicken breast until tender, an estimated 5 minutes depending on your stove. Be careful not to overcook the chicken. Cut into slices once done.

Peel asparagus, cut it to about 2cm in length and blanch in water and salt.

Plate the arugula and romaine lettuce in your serving bowl/plate, top with chicken breast, red and yellow cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Garnish with pomegranate and walnuts. Serve with basil vinaigrette.


About the Chef

With more than 2 decades of experience in the kitchen, Chef Ramesh has spent the last 4 years perfecting his craft as Executive Chef in Amici. Specialising in Western, Indian and fusion cuisine, he has seen stints in hotel groups such as Hilton and Sheraton, and even been in the USA as a chef under the employ of Carnival Cruise Liners. Under his leadership, Amici has been recognised for their good food and impeccable quality.

About the establishment

A boutique caterer offering bespoke services, Amici Events and Catering has grown from strength to strength over the years. With awards like 'Best Caterer' from Singapore Tatler and 'Brands for Good', you can be assured of quality and sustainability when you order from them. From intimate meals to large gatherings, they have a selection that is sure make an impression on your guests.

Tel: 6542 5679


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