Dear IBS Support Group Singapore Members,

I suffered from IBS for more than 20 years. And I felt very uncomfortable after every meal. After my meals, I would often feel bloated and lose my appetite for the rest of the day. In 2006, I read a book by Dr Helbert Shelton about food combination. Following the suggestions that he made, I made some alterations to my diet. From that day onwards, I was completely free from IBS. I would like to share with you this wonderful method that worked immediately for my IBS.

The "Secret Recipe" is:-

  1. Eat fruits alone. It is best to eat one type of fruits at any given time instead of a variety of different fruits at one go. Fruits typically require no digestion at all while foods that are protein or carbohydrate in nature take much longer to digest. If mixed with something else, the digestion process for fruits gets slowed down. As a result, fruits will rot and produce discomfort and gas in the stomach.
  2. Eat starchy foods like rice, bread, noodles with green leafy vegetables. Do not eat starch and protein foods at the same meal. Acidic foods like meat and seafood will neutralize the alkaline medium required to digest starches. If you eat these together, your digestion will get stalled, fermentation will take place and you will get flatulence.
  3. Eat protein foods like fish, meat and nuts with green leafy vegetables. Do not eat protein foods with starches as proteins require an acidic medium while starches require an alkaline medium to digest.Eating them together slows down digestion and creates imbalance in our digestive system. Whenever possible, keep to eating only one type of protein at any one time for better digestion and assimilation.
  4. Chew your foods thoroughly. Chewing your food thoroughly breaks it down so that it is easier for your body to digest and assimilate the nutrients into your body.
  5. Relax and stay happy when you are having your meal. Emotions like sadness, worry, fear and anger can stall the digestion process. While it may seem difficult to be that disciplined, you can come up with lots of fun, interesting, tasty and nourishing combinations when you are committed to it.

For a sumptuous breakfast that will give your body an energetic boost at the start of the day, I usually eat fruits. A big bowl of just 1 or 2 types of fruits correctly combined ensures that you feel full, happy and alert throughout the day.

Lunch is a good time to consume starch foods like rice, noodles, pasta or bread. I usually have a big bowl of starch foods with some salad and or vegetables.

If you really love proteins like meat and fish, don’t worry. Just have them during dinner like me. I usually eat a big piece of my protein foods with slightly cooked green leafy vegetables and a salad in the evening for a fulfilling meal.

Give it a try! You just might solve your digestive problems once and for all.

Best Regards,
IBS Support Group member