Be a part of GLiMPSE!

GLiMPSE helps you to manage your diabetes BETTER

What is GLiMPSE?

GLiMPSE (short for GLucose Monitoring Programme SingaporE) is a research study comparing the effectiveness of Flash Glucose Monitoring versus Capillary Glucose Monitoring in improving diabetes outcomes.

Who is eligible to take part?

Eligibility criteria to take part in this research study are:

Type 2 Diabetes

21-75 years old

HbA1c 7.5-10% over the last 9 months

On diet, tablets and/or background insulin daily

Self-monitoring of blood glucose from capillary finger pricks, 3 or more times a week

If you are selected, we will provide the following to help you take control of your condition:

  • Glucose meters or flash glucose sensors
  • Blood glucose strips and
  • Education visits during this study

Interested to take part in this study?