Travelling with insulin need not be stressful. All you need to do is pack your insulin in an insulated bag to prevent damage due to weather changes or extreme temperatures in the cargo compartment of the plane.

"It is important that your diabetes medications and consumables are kept in your hand-carry luggage, and are not checked in," advise nurses from the Department of Specialty Nursing at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group.

To store your insulin properly and keep it cool, you need:

  1. Insulated cooler bag
  2. Reusable ice gel packs
  3. Thin hand towel to wrap around the ice gel packs (if the insulated bag has no compartments)
  4. Insulin

Follow these steps to help airport security staff process your hand luggage easily:

  • Keep your insulin in their original vials.
  • Pack your medication separately from your toiletries.
  • Have your doctor's letter and prescription on hand.

How to keep insulin cool while you travel

Do not check in your insulin.

The insulin will freeze in the luggage hold and alter its effectiveness.

Step 1

Put your insulin in the inner compartment of your insulated bag (to be hand-carried with you onboard the plane).

Step 2

Store the refreezable ice gel pack in the pouch compartment. If there is no compartment to store the ice gel packs, place a hand towel on top of the ice gel pack, and the insulins on top of the towel.

Step 3

When you arrive at your destination, unopened insulin pens/cartridges/vials should be kept in the fridge.

See previous page for an essential diabetes packing checklist.

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