How to draw up insulin from a vial

Step 1

Wash and dry your hands. Remove insulin vial from fridge 30 minutes (if brand new and unopened) before injection.

Step 2

Roll the insulin bottle gently between your palms at least 10 times. This is particularly important if you are mixing insulin. Remember that premixed insulin is cloudy while the short-acting or quick-acting insulin should be clear.

Step 3

Clean the top of the insulin vial with an alcohol swab.

Step 4

Draw the required amount of air (equal to the dosage for insulin required) into the syringe by pulling the plunger down.

Step 5

Inject the required amount of air into the insulin vial.

Step 6

With the needle in the bottle, turn it upside down and withdraw the required amount of insulin into the syringe. Remove air bubbles (if present) by flicking or tapping the syringe with your finger, expelling the bubbles.

See next page to learn how to mix short-acting and intermediate-acting insulin.



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