Strengthening exercises are important to maintain and improve functional strength in the core muscles and the lower limb joints. It also assists with overall circulation and encourages functional mobility.

Safety precautions when exercising

  • Ensure that you had been taught the recommended exercises by a physiotherapist before carrying them out.

  • Ensure the child is near a supporting surface or an attentive adult during exercises especially balance activities.

  • Observe for signs of pain or discomfort – if pain occurs, stop and check in with your physiotherapist before continuing further.

Your Exercise Regime

Repeat exercises as recommended by your physiotherapist – check in with your therapist on the recommended number of sets per day

Ensure adequate rest and hydration between sets

Lower limb strengthening exercises (aerobics exercises)

Modified static cycling

Modified static cycling with a harness on the trunk to encourage aerobic activity.


Hydrotherapy with a trained physiotherapist.

Ball games in sitting
​Group activities such as soccer, basketball

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