​Child development milestones: 6 years old

The Sociable 6s

  1. At six years old, your child can learn to skip with a skipping rope, is able to copy complex shapes like a diamond, knows right from left and can count fingers. Your child is also able to tie shoe laces
  2. Your child can draw with precision and to detail, develop reading skills and may write independently
  3. Your child can talk fluently and with confidence
  4. A child at this age usually has a short attention span: often becoming easily distracted and may lack concentration on any one task
  5. Your child is also likely to be highly active and restless: fidgety and unable to sit still for long as he or she is full of energy. Children of this age group are always involved in active play like running, jumping and tugging.
  6. Your child is eager to learn everything appears interesting to him or her. Reading books, enacting stories and watching cartoons are your child's favorite activities.
  7. Your child is highly competitive at this age: He or she is eager to participate in games and play and is very sensitive about his or her own performance.
  8. There is strong gender affinity at this age. A strong preference to have friends and playmates of the same sex at this stage.

Tips for handling the 'Sociable Six'

  1. Take time to develop an interest in nature for your child
  2. Introduce a lot of books, tapes, songs and educational videos to your child
  3. Allow time for outdoor activities and things that hold your child's interests
  4. Teach your child how to play and participate in group games. Highlight the values of team effort, group spirit and having a good time rather than the significance of winning

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Ref: M19

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