Nutritious and tasty recipes for your growing baby​

Recipe: Potato and Pumpkin

(Recommended for babies from six months old)

This easy-to-make meal is perfect for the weaning baby. Simply puree a larger amount than needed, freeze it in ice-trays and microwave the vegetable cubes when it's time to feed baby. Fast and nutritious!


1 piece potato;
1 piece pumpkin​
2 tablespoon avocado


1. Cook potato and pumpkin
2. Slice avocado
3. Blend vegetables with cooled boiled water


Use any type of vegetable you fancy. Just ensure that it is well cooked and blended.

Recipe: Yoghurt, rice and banana puree

(Recommended for babies from six to nine months old)

Pamper your little one's taste buds with this exotic combination. Ready within minutes.


​1 tablespoon cooked rice
1 tablespoon yoghurt
1 small banana


1. Mash banana
2. Mix with yoghurt and cooked rice. Serve


You can substitute avocado, boiled yam or sweet potato for banana if you wish.

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