​Baby development milestones: 12 months old

  1. At 12 months, your baby can pull himself or herself to stand, walk with help or alone. Your baby can also sit down without help
  2. Your baby can put blocks in cup and turn through the pages of a book by flipping many pages at a time
  3. Your baby points to objects using the index finger and can pick up small objects
  4. Your baby responds to his or her name, and can respond to “no”
  5. Your baby understands several words and simple commands
  6. Your baby can say mamma, papa, and at least one or two other words
  7. Your baby can drink from a cup and imitates others
  8. Your baby can wave goodbye
  9. Your baby may develop attachment to a toy or object
  10. Your baby starts to develop separation anxiety and may cling to parents

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