​Baby development milestones: 6 months old

  1. Your baby is able to raise the head to look at his or her own feet and lifts the legs up to grasp the foot
  2. When your baby's hands are held, your baby will pull to sit upright with the head erect. He or she may be able to sit alone momentarily. When held in a sitting position, your baby's head is erect with the back straight, and is able to turns the head from side to side to look around
  3. When placed on the tummy, your baby supports himself or herself on straightened arms and palms
  4. When held standing, your baby no longer sags at the knee and will bounce up and down actively
  5. Your baby's eyes will follow movements and activities happening around him attentively. Your baby can focus on small objects held within six to twelve inches of his or her reach, and stretches out to grasp them with both hands
  6. Your baby takes everything and puts it into the mouth at this stage
  7. Your baby can grasp a rattle and shake it deliberately to make a sound
  8. Your baby can transfer objects from one hand to the other
  9. At this stage, your baby vocalises with a wider vocabulary (or) more syllables, laughs, chuckles, squeals aloud at play, and screams with annoyance. He or she can recognise familiar voices immediately
  10. Your baby makes sounds resembling one-syllable words (example: da-da, ba-ba)
  11. Your baby starts to imitate sounds
  12. Your baby can recognise his or her parents
  13. Your baby begins to fear strangers
  14. Your baby starts teething

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Ref: M19

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