Baby development milestones: 1 month old

  1. Your baby still sleeps most of the time when not being fed or handled. The head still tends to fall to one side when he or she is in a lying position.Movement of the arms and legs are in a jerky manner with the arms usually being more active.
  2. Your baby head still falls loosely when lifted but he or she will make attempts to hold it erect.
  3. Your baby is able to follow the slow movement of an object using his or her eyes (when the object is held six to ten inches from the face) and will make slight movements of the head. There is also movement of the eyes and head towards a source of sound or voice.
  4. At this stage, your baby watches nearby faces with an increasingly alert expression during feeding and play, progressing to social smiles and responsive vocalisations at about five to six weeks​.

Ref: M19