​Baby development milestones: 18 months old

  1. Your baby starts to run but lacks coordination and falls frequently
  2. Your baby is capable of walking up stairs while holding on with one hand
  3. Your baby can stack one toy block above another another, up to four blocks, to create a tower
  4. Your baby can use a spoon and cup with help to feed himself
  5. Your baby can imitate scribbling at this age, and turn two or three pages of a book at a time
  6. Your baby is capable of showing affection
  7. Your baby is able to listen to a story or look at the pictures in a book 
  8. Your baby can say 10 or more words when asked
  9. Your baby starts to explore his or her environment
  10. Your baby is able identify one or more parts of the body
  11. Your baby understands and is able to point to and identify common objects
  12. Your baby starts to imitate domestic activities
  13. Your baby is capable of removing some clothing items, such as gloves, hats and socks
  14. Your baby begins to develop a sense of ownership, identifying people and objects by saying "my"
  15. Your baby attains bowel control

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