Baby at Pregnancy Week 25: Learning to “Breathe”

Lung development

Although your baby's lungs are beginning to develop surfactant as mentioned last week, his lungs are still immature and are not fully functional. In other words, your baby’s lungs are unable to efficiently send oxygen into the blood stream and release carbon dioxide upon exhalation.

However, your baby can take “practice breaths” in the surrounding amniotic fluid. This is because its previously plugged nostrils are gradually beginning to open.

Baby at Pregnancy Week 26: Exciting eye and brain development

Baby can see!

At pregnancy week 26, your baby's eyelids open and the eye lens can be seen. Your baby’s retina would have developed and technically speaking he/she can actually “see”. The images he/she captures will be sent to the visual centre and be processed by the brain.

Brain development at week 26

Your baby's brain waves are also being put in motion. He/she is able to process sensory stimuli and respond to them.

Baby at Pregnancy Week 27: Fingerprints, hearing and more

Your baby is growing rapidly at week 27.  Here’s what’s happening this week:

  1. Fingerprints: His/her finger prints are fully formed by now
  2. Brain development: Also, his/her brain tissue is increasing, giving rise to little grooves called sulci
  3. Hearing: As your baby's hearing develops further, he/she is able to recognise deeper tones more easily and recognise patterns of speech

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