​After 37 weeks of pregnancy, you may feel like you just want to meet your baby already. However, after baby arrives, and while you’re still recovering from delivery, you may find that your new role as a mother to be daunting.

To prepare for your baby’s arrival, it’s important to recognize in advance some warning signs that something may be wrong.

9 Symptoms to look out for in baby and seek medical help

Here is a list of "warning signs" to help you recognize if something's wrong. If your newborn exhibits any of the following, please seek medical attention:

  1. Cries more than usual
  2. Screams as if in pain
  3. Is unusually quiet or drowsy
  4. Has diarrhoea or vomiting
  5. Has a sunken or bulging soft spot on the top of its head
  6. Breathes much faster than usual
  7. Has difficulty breathing
  8. Has a fever
  9. Has pale, cold and clammy skin

If you’re worried that your baby is behaving strangely, always ask your doctor. A mother's intuition can be spot on.

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