How to cope with the reality of being pregnant

Up till now, the idea of being pregnant has been exactly that, a thought. As it morphs from a mere thought to reality, you may find yourself dealing with complex emotions especially if it's your first time being pregnant.

  1. Among many things, you may be thinking about how to share the news to your loved ones. Our tip is to take some time to think about how to approach things. There's a first time for everything.
  2. Book an appointment early with your gynaecologist.
    Some doctors may want you to come in early at week 7 to 8 of your pregnancy, so check accordingly.

If you’re expecting once again, congratulations, you already know the drill!

5 Tips: How to take care of yourself, now that you’re pregnant

  1. Folic acid! – Take 5mg every day during your first trimester
  2. No raw food or unprocessed dairy products to avoid gastrointestinal infections.
  3. Tone down exercise to moderate intensity.
  4. Cut out cigarettes and alcohol for a healthy baby
  5. If you have any bleeding, see your doctor immediately.

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