LASIK is one of the more popular surgical procedures to treat myopia (short sightedness), hyperopic (long sightedness) and astigmatism. LASIK can correct your eyesight to the best possible result and reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. You may have many questions or reservations when it comes to LASIK surgery.

The Singapore National Eye Centre gives detailed answers to your questions.

Question by akachan

I understand that I can only go for lasik once I stop breastfeeding. So, how long do I need to wait?

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

There is no consensus among doctors how long one should stop breastfeeding before undergoing Lasik. It is however generally agreed that hormonal changes during breastfeeding can cause fluctuations in the vision and as such Lasik should be considered only when the vision has been stable.

Question by rachel

I am already above 40 years old, and have myopia and astigmatism, on contact lenses at the moment. I am worried I am surely going to need reading glasses soon as well. Is there a single lasik procedure that can cure me of all these problems once and for all, or will I have to do more surgery in a few years times again? Pease let me know, and what the risks are. Thanks.

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

People above 40 years of age will naturally develop presbyopia, a common condition requiring reading glasses to see near clearly. Currently there is no one single Lasik procedure which can effectively treat shortsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. However one can opt for mono vision in Lasik where the myopia in one eye is fully corrected for distance vision while the other eye is corrected for good near vision by leaving some myopia behind. Mono vision is well established and effective to overcome the need to put on reading glasses and the majority of people tolerate it well.

Question by eribin

I have a diving trip planned from the 22nd to 26th of January. If I were to do lasik procedure now, will I be able to make this trip? I'm quite confused because certain information given to me states that after 2 weeks, water activities may be resumed while some state that 4 weeks of rest is required before resuming any water activities. Kindly advise. Thank you.

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

I recommend waiting for 4 weeks after Lasik before diving. This is to ensure that the cornea has fully healed and to prevent any risk of infection.

Question by joygoh

I have done my lasik surgery 4 months back. My vision is good most of the time. However, sometimes I have blurred vision when I just wake up or when I stare at my computor lcd monitor. Only after around 15 minutes, then I can see things clearly again. Why is that so? Will my vision get stable?

How do I protect my eyes after lasik surgery to prevent myopia from coming back? Can I perform lasik surgery again if myopia come back?

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

Fluctuation in vision after Lasik is commonly due to dry eye. Using lubricating eye drops will improve dry eye and consequently lead to more stable vision. Lasik can be performed again if there is enough cornea tissue for enhancement.

Question by nelsontan

I am 29 years old, and I have been wearing glasses since primary school. I am seriously consider looking into LASIK eye surgery because i have had enough of glasses.

My eye sight is failing me lately. My glasses work fine when i have them on, but i noticed that when i don’t put my glasses on, it gets harder & harder for me to see things that i once could.

My questions are, what’s the possibility that after doing a LASIK eye surgery and say a year or two down the road, my eyesight started to decrease again? Will I be short sighted once again? And what are the chances that when i'm old, i'll be long sighted and need to wear glasses again? Are there any other surgeries beside LASIK? Is it true that once a person have had a LASIK surgery, they can't wear contact lens anymore?

Also, how does sitting in front of a computer affect our eyes? My job requires me to spend plenty of time in front of the screen. What are the preventive measures that you would reccommend.

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

The power of your shortsightedness has not completely stabilized. As such there is a possibility that your shortsightedness may change a few years after doing Lasik.

People who have undergone Lasik to correct their shortsightedness and astigmatism will still naturally develop presbyopia in their mid 40s and consequently need to wear reading glasses.

There are other alternatives to Lasik to correct one’s refractive errors such as PRK, Epi-Lasik and Phakic Intra–Ocular Lens Implantation (Implantable Contact Lens). People who have undergone Lasik surgery can continue to wear contact lenses if required. These contact lenses will however need to be fitted.

Spending long hours in front of the computer can cause dry eyes. It is recommend that one takes a short break after every 15-30mins in front o the computer. In addition, using lubricants regularly, will prevent dry eyes.

Question by prettybaby

Dear Doc, I have gone through a lasik surgery about 5 years ago. I realised that recently my eye sight is not as clear as a year ago. Is it possible that my myopia is recurring ? Is it possible for me to undergo another lasik operation Any risks related to the 2nd lasik operation?

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

It is possible that your myopia has regressed. It is also possible for your to undergo Lasik surgery provided that there is enough cornea tissue. The risk associated with the second Lasik op is very much like the first surgery.

Question by joyce

Dear Doctor, Is it okay for a person with diabetes condition to undergo lasik surgery? thks.

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

It is alright for a person with diabetes to undergo Lasik provided that the diabetes is well controlled and the eyes have not been affected by diabetes.

Question by pearlynwan

I am planning for lasik surgery. However, when I do a research, there are so many variety of treatment available … intralasik, epilasik, PRK, lasik. What are the major difference between all these treatment and how do I know which one is the more suitable for me? what are the things to consider when choosing the correct treatment ?

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

There are various types of laser vision correction techniques to correct shortsightedness and astigmatism. Lasik is still the most popular method. Other techniques such as PRK / Epi-LASIK are good alternatives. Which technique is most suitable would depend with the findings of a thorough eye examination with your eye doctor.

Question by zanne_ooi

Here’s my experience after lasik. My right eye is a little blurry than the left one. It's noticeable only when i close my left eye and try to read something on the far away. Is there anything that time can do about it? Or this is with me forever too?

Even stopping the other drops i still have a little heat on my eyes. How long this will last? Asking my doctor, she kept insisting that it is normal and will cease by time. Is it true?

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

The slightly blurred vision in your right eye may be due to residual shortsightedness or astigmatism that has not been fully corrected by Lasik. It is unlikely that it would improve over time. However if you are bothered by the blurred vision, you can consider Lasik enhancement to improve your vision. The burning sensation is probably due to dry eyes. This can persist can for 6-12 months after Lasik. You should continue the lubricating eye drops during this time.

Question by pearlynwan​

It has been 4 week since my lasik operation. I understand that after operation we should rest our eyes more. But due to my work schedule, I have to continually face the computer. Sometimes after I stared at the screen for too long, it suddenly become blurry and dry. It is because I did not allow it to recover and caused it to be more prone to tiredness and loses focus? Is it a dangerous sign that I should consult my doctor immediately? I will see my doctor for a review in another month times, can I wait till that time?

Answered by Singapore National Eye Centre

Prolonged period of computer use can easily lead to dry eye and subsequently blurred vision. Fortunately this is a temporary condition and your vision will improve if your dry eye is treated. I will advise that you regularly use your artificial tears. Dry eye is not dangerous and you need not see your doctor immediately. However if your dry eye is affecting your day-to-day work you may want to see your eye doctor earlier for treatment of dry eye.

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